Do you know anyone who wishes that they were more effective — either corporately or personally? In reality, we often run on only two or three out of six cylinders. This is tragic. We get to where we are going, to be sure, but we are meant for better. And do we not log the same exact number of hours, either way? If then, we’re going to be putting in our time, it should be an example of the best we can be. This gives us a quiet joy, and it inspires others. Yet we understand: the fending off of alligators on a daily basis usually keeps us from this. Yet permit me a second question: If we never change anything, what will the future look like?

The reality of people, and companies, and societies using their time to the fullest (firing on all cylinders, as it were), both excites and motivates us. We want to see people do better — doing what they were ordained to do: be wildly successful. In the crush of activities this is usually just a matter of perspective: an outside and fresh view that has the opportunity — and the freedom — to be able to look around for the important changes that could be made.

And as we imply in all of this, this is not about us — it’s about you. We never take the position of “this recommendation is the only viewpoint.” As the former teachers that we are, what we see we present to you, often from multiple viewpoints: It’s not ever meaningful if it’s not your choice, or your experience. So, we look to help; and and we look to do it in a way that brings you to a more effective, and easier future.

This is our joy.

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